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Whether you use your video business card, video brochure or video gift box for direct mail, personal delivery or as a point of sale display, expect to see a big "WOW" from your prospects. Please do take a moment to read the FAQ's below and contact us to order your video business cards today.

Video business card FAQs & Examples

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Business Cards

How much do print brochures and  business cards cost?
Blank print video brochures can be as low as $49.95 delivered. 

9x12 (video brochures)  = $129.95 

5x7 (direct mailers)  = $99.95 

2x3 (business cards)  = $59.95 

*Customization such as 4 color printing, die cuts, card stock, memory and battery size may effect pricing. Above pricing requires a minimum order of 10 units and exludes video production, graphic design, shipping.

What other sizes can a video business card be?
Cards can be nearly any size you want. It's just a matter of budget. However, common sizes are as follows:

2.4 inches (Standard business card size)
4 inches
5 inches
7 inches
10 inches (Standard brochure folder size)

Can video business cards be different shapes?
Yes. As you can see in the gallery below, video business cards can be POS displays, gift boxes, and more. In short, if you can envision a rectangle within any shape or dimension, then a video business card can be inserted.

How long does it take to deliver my video business cards?
In general, standard sizes and shape cards take 14 business days to be delivered once final artwork has been approved.

Do you create the video?
Yes, we can create a video for you. We can easily create any kind of slide-show with a professional voice over for any company in the world. If you want to have "Actors" we can also produce that locally in Maryland, DC, Deleware and Virginia. For locations outside of our region, we have many contacts, so do contact us.

Do I have to use for video production?
You can use any video production company you want.

What format do videos need to be in?
Our systems uses MP4 format.

What size should the videos be formatted as?
Videos should be shot at 1920 x 1080. However, the smaller video business card lcd screens need videos formatted at 720x480.

Can video business cards be re-used?
Yes. You can easily recharge, and re-use your videos with a mini USB cable.

How long can my video be?
Generally speaking, videos can 15 minutes long and the rechargeable batteries had a 2 hour life. If you need more space and battery life, you can order it. However, "sales" oriented video business cards typically are 1 to 5 minutes long. Explainer / manual videos, tend to be longer.

What's the best use of a video business card?
Many companies use their video business card as a direct mail piece. Others use a "drop and retrieve" tactic. Companies present at trade shows also use video business cards for qualified prospects. Some companies use video business cards as "explainer" manuals. In summary, video business cards can be used in a multitude of ways to increase sales.

Can explainer video cards have play/pause/rewind/fast forward buttons?
Yes. Adding those features for your explainer videos is an excellent idea and can be added to your order.

What is the process of ordering video business cards.

1) Contact us to discuss your project
2) We explain the ins and outs and send you a quote.
3) You send a signed agreement with a deposit.
4) We provide specs for your artwork, or we work with you develop your artwork.
5) We proof your artwork to make sure it fits the specs
6) We send a final digital proof for your review and sign off.
7) Upon sign off, we send proof to our production team.
8) Our production team prints and assembles your video business cards.
9) You send final video(s).
10) We load videos on your cards/brochures, test each one, and deliver you.

Can you also mail our video business cards to our prospects?
Yes, of course. If you want us to handle your direct mailing we can certainly do that as well.

Are there any special licenses or royalty fees for video production?
We do not have any special licenses or royalty fees for standard video production. However, there may be additional fees for custom photography, music, actors, trademarks, etc. In general though, companies own their own content used in their videos, and do not have to pay royalties or special licensing fees.

Print video business card 2x3

Video business card samples

Video business card samples