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SEO Web Design

Good SEO starts with a steamlined web design and architecture that is also optimized for mobile. To that end, we build custom solutions on a variety of popular content management systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, etc.  View some of our web design samples here and contact us to discuss your SEO web design needs. Learn More>>

SEO Content Marketing

Quality content engages users, enhances your brand and increases your search engine ranking. At Serr.biz we help you increase your search engine ranking with unique, data driven custom content marketing strategies, copywriting, custom grahics, photography and Youtube video production / optimization.  Contact us to learn more about our content marketing services.

Off-Site SEO

Once you have a mobile ready, seo web design and hiqh quality content on your site, you need to share your content on your social branded network and build an audience of engaged follower.  We can help you establish an optimized branded network, create content, and build your audience.  To learn more contact us for a free consultation.

YouTube SEO Marketing : Triple your SEO just by creating videos!

Did you know creating Youtube videos TRIPLES your potential exposure in the search engines? It's true. Just by creating a YouTube video, the video itself can be seen in Google search results, Google video search results and YouTube search results. That is reason enough to create a Youtube channel. However, when you SEO your Youtube channel, plus the indvidual videos, you can also effect your parent site SEO and related SERP.  To learn more, watch this video and explore our YouTube SEO Marketing Services..>>

Reviews and Testimonials from Clients

5 Star - SEO and eMarketing Training

It was a very helpful marketing consultation when we met with Michael.He provided guidance and insight into my business which we are grateful for. He has a good command of web marketing and how things operate, and he was able to break it down into a more understandable process for us.

- Kelley Hopkins Alavarez
LPC Private Practice

Kelly Hopkins Alavaraz

5 Star - Impressed with his work..!

Michael Zittel of Serr.biz first started helping us (Tufenkian Carpets) with internet marketing in 2005. He rapidly built a micro-site so we could more easily track leads, conversion and ROI. Impressed with his work and results, our relationship has steadily grown .. .(read more at LinkedIn)

-Barbara Fuller VP Marketing
Tufenkian Imports Inc. (Now at LG Signature Kitchen Suite.)

Barbara Fuller

Read more reviews and testimonials of Serr.biz (Michael Zittel) at LinkedIn..

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