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Video marketing and SEO triples brand exposure

Just by making a YouTube video, and optimizing it conjuntion with your web site, you can triple your search engine exposure.

Print video brochures and business cards

Print video brochures work!

Print video brochures work well for any business that sells a product over $1,000 and requires more than one in-person meeting. At the very least, you will get a second meeting as prospects understand you need to return to retrieve the print video brochure.

Do you target local buyers by INTENT?

In short, Programmatic Digital Marketing (PDM) uses artificial intelligence to deliver your ad to potential buyers based on their "intent". We put you in front of the right person at the right time nearly everywhere they are on-line. Our AI use real time "intention" analysis by examining a users browsing history, geo targeting, geo fencing, keywords and re-targeting. In general, clients enjoy a 100% better click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate compared to Google Adwords. All of our clients experience at least a 200% ROI with PDM intention marketing. Skeptical? We were too. That' why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. To learn more give us a call at 410-757-3676 or visit our PDM intention marketing website:

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Reviews and Testimonials from Clients

5 Star - Working with Mike was a breeze! A true professional

Working with Mike was a breeze! A true professional, he walked me through the process of our video shoot from start to finish, clearly explaining everything along the way. He was sure to ask many questions to determine my desired outcomes for the shoot, and he certainly delivered top-notch results! His down-to-earth attitude and gentle nature kept me at ease the entire time. Having worked with countless videographers, photographers, producers, and directors over the years who were hell-bent on doing things THEIR way, I found working with Mike to be a breath of fresh air in that he ACTUALLY listened to me. If you want your video products to truly match your vision and needs, Mike is your guy, period.

James Scott
Real World Influence
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5 Star - SEO and eMarketing Training

It was a very helpful marketing consultation when we met with Michael.He provided guidance and insight into my business which we are grateful for. He has a good command of web marketing and how things operate, and he was able to break it down into a more understandable process for us.

- Kelley Hopkins Alavarez
LPC Private Practice

5 Star - Can’t wait to work with him on another project!

It was great working with Mike! He has an easy going and calm presence which helped calm my nerves when we recorded my video business card. Can’t wait to work with him on another project!

Magdalena DiZebba - Video business card
Owner Vitality Acupuncture & Wellness
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5 Star - I’m so impressed with Michael’s work!

I’m so impressed with Michael’s work! We spoke two days ago about what I wanted. I went by his office today and now have exactly what I wanted! I’m absolutely thrilled! I felt completely comfortable. Michael explained everything step by step in a way that I felt empowered! Thank you!!!

Cheryll Garland (Video business card)
Insurance Agent Annapolis, MD

5 Star - Impressed with his work..!

Michael Zittel of first started helping us (Tufenkian Carpets) with internet marketing in 2005. He rapidly built a micro-site so we could more easily track leads, conversion and ROI. Impressed with his work and results, our relationship has steadily grown .. .(read more at LinkedIn)

-Barbara Fuller VP Marketing
Tufenkian Imports Inc. (Now at Saint Charles NYC.)